IDAExpo 2018 Educational Workshops

CEU Eligible Courses

All courses are CEU-eligible for IDEA Accredited Door Dealers, Certified Technicians and Certified Door Dealer Consultants. The CEU credit is equal to the length of the seminar.

CEU credits will be tracked by scanning your name badge. Be sure to have your name badge when you attend the presentation.


Wednesday and Thursday,
April 25-26, 2018

IDEA 3 Two-Day Technical Schools

The IDEA is running three concurrent schools on Wednesday and Thursday, April 25-26. 

The two-day Rolling Steel/Rolling Steel Fire Door will be presented. Plus, a two-day school on Residential and Commercial Sectional Doors will be run at the same time. 

The classes are intended for experienced technicians and are not hands-on training courses.

Although attendees are not required to be enrolled in IDEA certification programs, the schools are ideal as pre-examination classes, and testing for related IDEA certification designations will be offered at the conclusion of the second day.

The exams offered for attendees who wish to earn certification at the conclusion of their selected school, are: Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technician Certification, Commercial Rolling Door Systems Technician Certification and Rolling Steel Fire Door Technician Certification.

Click Here 2-Day School Information

Saturday, April 28, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Industrial Motor Control
and Wiring

IDEA Panel

Open to fully registered attendees or register separately.

Learn how common industrial motor control parts work, what they do, and how to use them. Learn how to wire different types of control systems and how everything works together.

For more information on educational courses and testing

Michelle Hardisty
Phone: (937) 698-1027
Fax: (937) 698-6153

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

(#1) A Basic Understanding of Mechanical Dock Levelers – Simple and Safe Troubleshooting

Presenter: Tom Cinealis,
Multi-Fab Products, LLC

This session will provide an introductory overview of mechanical style dock levelers, the most common type of adjustable bridge used for loading and unloading at the dock door.  Included in the discussion will be their proper use and safe operation, troubleshooting of simple problems, their root causes, and basic and safe repairs.  If you find your customers requesting repairs of their dock equipment along with their doors, this session will be a good first step for any new tech.

(#2) Hollow Metal Doors for Dummies; Even Salesmen Like Me

Presenter: John Bockert,
President of Firelands Hardware

This workshop will take the participants through everything you need to know about hollow metal doors.  Topics will include what you can and can’t do to maintain a fire label, how to properly quote jobs to make money.  The session will also address installation, tools, anchors and supplies necessary to do a quality job.

(#3) Simple Marketing Tips from One Door Dealer to Another

Presenter: Andy Pomroy, Windsor Door Sales

By attending this session presented by industry veteran, Andy Pomroy, you will energize yourself with easy, fast, and efficient tips on marketing.  Join in on the interactive Q &A period, and you’ll find new perspectives in our ever changing market. You will discover new ways to target client needs and use simple tools to increase market share and profitability.

(#4) Next Generation

Presenter: Adam Weber, AE Door and Window

Most second generation business owners have no doubt heard a ‘seasoned’ entrepreneur tell them what they are lacking or how they can operate their businesses more proficiently, or perhaps what the success rate of a second generation business owner is. Real encouragement; right?

During this session, we will break down the positive and negatives of being the next generation, and we’ll do so by working together.  We will uncover what it will take to find our own identity in the work place.  For certain, it will take knowledge of virtually everything, but that doesn’t mean we have to be the one who knows how to do everything perfectly.   On the contrary, the key may very well be having an understanding of what everyone’s role is to help the firm and its employees reach established goals as they strive to be as successful as they can be.  This workshop will cover everything from leadership to advertising to preparing the company for growth as you seek to put your own stamp of approval on it and prepare it for the next generation

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
(#5) Commercial Operator Troubleshooting

Presenters: Roy Bardowell and
Dan Dombkowski

This session is for those individuals planning to enter the commercial door operator service and repair business, or simply gain additional knowledge on the subject.  Roy Bardowell, a veteran technician in the world of commercial operators, will be joined by another familiar expert and IDAExpo presenter, Dan Dombkowski.  By attending, you will learn from the best.  You are encouraged to bring those ‘nagging’ questions with you, and expect to receive the meaningful answers.

(#6) Market Hardware - Session 1 | Five Ways to make your Website a Lead Generating Machine

No group of digital marketing experts has helped more garage door dealers beat their competition than Market Hardware’s team of experts: Doug, Matt, Alain and Brian. This is the first of two EDUCATION-PACKED sessions.  You will want to join in to make sure your online strategies keep you dominating your local marketplace.

Back by popular demand following last year’s 150+ person workshop! 

Since last year’s session, many dramatic changes in web marketing have impacted door dealers. Today, in 2018, you must adjust with a radically improved Website and SEO strategy. It is a fact, your Website could be making – or breaking – your business. By dominating your local market in 2018, you will convert more leads into profits. 

Top dealers in the industry know that the gap between them and those left behind is increasing. Shouldn't you be on the right side of these trends?  During this session, you will be walked through a step-by-step process to make your Website a Lead Generating Machine, cracking the Google code and getting your business listed where it belongs – in front of profitable new clients.

(#7) Continuing to Connect Buyers to the Right Garage Doors

Presenter: Justin Evans,
Clopay Building Products

Back by popular demand, updated with new data and insights!  If you missed last year, check it out!  If you attended, come by for updates and new info!

Do you and your sales team face:

  • Customers who can’t make a decision?
  • Customers who don’t know what they want?
  • Customers who focus only on price and constantly price-shop?

Then this is the session for you! 

You will learn why customers show these behaviors and what the underlying causes are.  You can help these customers choose the products they want and create more satisfied ones who won’t have a need to price shop.

(#8) What Ever Happened To Good Old Fashioned Residential Service

Presenter: Kevin Pettiette,
Smokey’s Garage Door

This 90 minute seminar will take you back to the time when fixing the problem was more important than selling an entirely new garage door system.  We will talk about the fine art of basic service.  We will go back to the basic, fundamentals of how to build a service-oriented business.  We’ll cover the basics of efficiently routing your daily schedule to the do's and don'ts of communicating with your customers.

We will answer these important questions: What secrets do we teach every homeowner?  What lubricants should we really use and why?  Is there an efficient way to do our jobs that increases safety, too?  Do you really understand why you do what you've been taught to do?

How many technicians just follow the training they've received and don't really understand why they do it?  We’ll use this time together to reignite our commitment to our customers by learning from each other.  We’ll cover effective and safe tactics to thoroughly complete service of a residential garage door and electric operator.

1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
(#9) Benefits of Paperless Billing and Scheduling

Presenter: Ryan Granlee, The Door Guys

During this session you will be taken through the process of going paperless.  We will review how it was before the move to paperless billing and scheduling with the delays and issues it caused.  But most importantly, we will specifically address how moving to a paperless system will eliminate or alleviate those issues.  Sound interesting?  It is…make sure you attend this session to find out why!

(#10) Sourcing Diversity: Inclusive Hiring Practices that Increase the Bottom Line

Presenter: Joshua Welhener, Greene County Board of Disabilities Business Liaison

This session will explore the advantages of diversifying hiring practices by intentionally sourcing individuals with disabilities. Across the country, companies are struggling to meet their workforce numbers while often overlooking one of the largest untapped sources of labor. Nearly 20% of the US population has a disability and many misconceptions persist about their ability to add bottom line increasing value to companies. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of the disability population, the resources available to source employees, and the many ways this population will add value to their organization.

(#11) Marketing to Millennials, and Why You Need to Now!

Presenter: Kaley Wichman, McAlear Group

Did you know that Millennials make up a quarter of today’s population? Understanding their unique buying habits is crucial for increasing sales. By attending this workshop, you’ll learn some key tips to help you reach the ‘digital’ generation and increase your brand awareness, marketing effectiveness, and show you where to put your marketing dollars for the biggest return.

(#12) The Shakedown:  Seismic Loads on Doors

Presenters: Joe Hetzel, DASMA, and
Steve Hahn, Lawrence Doors

Earlier in the decade, DASMA developed a template its door manufacturer members can use to determine seismic calculations.  The topic of seismic loads will be overviewed and compared to other types of loads on doors, and the usage of the template will be explained.  This session will be especially important for door businesses located in applicable geographic areas.

2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(#13) Torsion Spring & Drum – Tech Workshop!

Presenters: Paul McManus and Steve Smith, Service Spring Corp and a panel of Industry Technicians

Tips and Tech savvy engineering of Torsion Springs & Drums.  Get through the day quicker, safer and more efficient.

(#14) If You Rely on Averages Only, You’ll Only Get Average Results

Presenters: Maxime Gendreau, Garaga, and Lars Niit, Door Systems, Boston

For many years garage doors dealers have relied on a few key averages to monitor the progress of their business. These include: average amount per job, average sales by salesman, average miles driven by trucks, and so forth.  Today, even the game of baseball has been changed due to the introduction of advanced statistics.  In our opinion, the garage door industry is ready to introduce a brand new set of nuggets as well. Technology and better software is now allowing us to tap into a multitude of valuable information.

What can we learn from statistics to better manage our garage door team? How can we improve our overall performance by monitoring key nuggets that are crucial to our success? What will guide our businesses to the World Series of Garage Doors?

Owner-operator, Lars Niit, will tell you how detailed statistics and the use of a CRM system has allowed him to manage and grow the garage doors business founded by his father into a multi-locations operation covering more than 300 miles.

It’s no longer possible to be present everywhere, all the time, so how can you gather and analyze large amounts of data to keep your team in top game condition? How can you use statistical analysis to find the best opportunity for long term growth? 
Maxime Gendreau has tailored the GaragaNet platform to meet specific needs required by Lars’ quest for better stats, and will present an insight into how data can be harvested on the local scene to help manufacturers improve their marketing plan.  

(#15) Understanding Door Safety Systems and How They Work

Kyle Hart, Canadian Doormaster Electric Ltd.

An in depth review of the world of industrial door safety requirements and equipment.  This is your opportunity to get educated on systems such as Infra-red eyes, safety edges and loops, as well as UL 325 requirements.

(#16) Financial and Business Analysis for INDUSTRY INSIGHTS

Presenter: Josef Roberts, E Squared Consulting

In 2018, E Squared Consulting will be facilitating an industry wide financial and business benchmarking process for International Door Association (IDA) members called INDUSTRY INSIGHTS.  Come and learn about the value of participation in the INDUSTRY INSIGHTS process, demonstration of the powerful system, process for participation, and a Q&A for members.  Also hear from IDA members who are currently utilizing the INDUSTRY INSIGHTS system for their door dealer business.  E Squared will be available in the IDA booth (#1948) during the IDAEXPO for more questions and discussion.

4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

(#17) Preventing Rotor Cuff Injuries for Garage Door Installers

Presenters: Tom Murnan, Omaha Door and Window and Gabriela Vogel DPT, PT, CEAS, WorkFit Inc.

Without a doubt, one of the most expensive injuries your crew can face in the garage door industry is a rotor cuff tear.  What makes it doubly bad is that the recovery time can stretch to 8 months.   What are you supposed to do with an employee when he/she is off for two thirds of a year?  At Omaha Door & Window, we are trying a preventative measure.  Stretching exercises are now required every morning before work begins.  But other challenges are presented as well.  Join Tom Murnan and Gabriela Vogel for a discussion of how to reduce the risk in a positive way.

(#18) Resisting The Storms!  Doors and Wind

Presenters: Joe Hetzel, DASMA and Mark Westerfield, Clopay

Since its inception, DASMA has developed a number of Technical Data Sheets and standards involving code compliance for wind.  The key content of these documents will be explained, and new ASCE 7 wind provisions will be overviewed.  Certainly with the extraordinary weather conditions experienced in 2017, this is an important topic for virtually all door dealers.

(#19) Cold Calling Sales Slam

Presenter: Tim Ashford, Raynor Worldwide

Think cold calling is an old school way to reach your market?  Think again.  Cold calling is still one of the most effective ways to reach a highly targeted audience with the exact message that you want to communicate.  Join Tim Ashford for a fast-paced, interactive hour on how to prospect, approach and execute cold calls in our industry.  One thing is for certain, you will leave with confidence in your ability to generate new sales.

(#20) The Power of Financial Analysis for your Door Business

Presenter: Josef Roberts, E Squared Consulting

In 2018, E Squared Consulting will be facilitating an industry wide financial and business benchmarking process for International Door Association members (IDA) called INDUSTRY INSIGHTS.  This session will demonstrate how business leaders, who may not be financially minded, can generate powerful analysis that will help them better understand the financial strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that exist within their business.  E Squared will be available in the IDA booth (#1948) during the IDAEXPO for more questions and discussion.

Thursday, April 26, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
(#21) Fighting Back Against Bad Bob

Presenter: Bearge Miller, Miller Edge

Our industry’s reputation has been tarnished as a result of unscrupulous door companies.  In order to confront this serious issue, IDA and DASMA took action to provide consumers with steps they should take to avoid such businesses.  An IDA/DASMA Task Force has produced consumer-oriented videos which outline the problem; the videos are available for dealers to use in their respective markets.  Attend this session to not only learn more, but also to provide your input to the Task Force. We’ve only just begun to fight!

(#22) Sales Pros versus Order Takers

Presenters: Dan and Sandy Apple, The Apple Group LLC

Any idiot can sell price! This seminar focuses on how professional sales people sell value, not price. Learn how to overcome price objections to win more sales at a higher price.  Dan and Sandy will discuss the process of making presentations versus just giving quotes. There will be a role play exercise to demonstrate how the process works.  These two presenters are always an IDAExpo favorite…don’t miss this session.

(#23) Safety Training – Are you Committed?

Presenter: J Hayden James, Custom Door and Gate

If you are committed to teaching your team to “recognize, avoid, abate and prevent safety and health hazards” [quoted from the OSHA 10 learning objectives], your biggest challenge might be finding effective training tools.  That is to say, “we are starved for effective safety training content”.  Techs get bored with hearing someone read from a script as they clock in on a Monday morning and sign the sheet without knowing what the topic was much less what the purpose and importance of the training covered.   This seminar will help you develop an effective training plan with training videos and handouts.

(#24) Business Entities: A Legal and Tax Primer for Dealers

Presenter: Brian Schoolman, Safran Law Offices, IDA Legal Counsel
Tax reform has highlighted one of the ways that different business structures can lead to different financial results.  Brian Schoolman will explain how making the decision between operating as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC, an S corporation, or a C corporation can affect your bottom line, protect you from or expose you to legal liability, and simplify or complicate your business operations.  In addition, Brian will detail the impact of tax reform for dealers, and how that business entity decision affects what you can expect from the IRS.

10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

(#25) Creating a Killer Customer Experience

Presenter: Bill Rossiter, Interrupt

Join Bill Rossiter and learn how to create a killer customer experience.  You will learn about the new expectations of today’s customer and how their experience with your brand can dramatically impact your business results.

Bill is a 30 year veteran of business and marketing, from the corporate side to also becoming a successful entrepreneur.  From his 20 years in corporate America, he has gained a wealth of sales, marketing, branding and general management expertise.

He has been a featured speaker at the University of Notre Dame Undergraduate and MBA programs, and is a return presenter at the IDAExpo.  In today’s business environment it is critically important to treat the customer right.  Attend this session and you’ll walk away with many new, but proven customer relations and marketing techniques.

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. 

(#26) Market Hardware – Session 2
The Fab Four: How to Crush It on Google in 2018

“I wasted BIG budgets on the wrong approach for years!” That’s real feedback expressed during last year’s IDAExpo. This can’t miss session will help you laser in to the Google strategy that fits your budget.

Learn what to do about Google’s new Local Service Ads. Have they impacted your market? How much do they cost?  This session will provide the answers.

Hundreds of case studies with dealers have resulted in four successful strategies. Each marketing method could be your perfect fit based on your personality and business goals: Are you a “Pay-Per-Lead” or “Pay-Per-Click” personality? Some dealers are brand builders using “Pay-Per-View” and “Pay-Per-Time” approaches.

A case study about a business that got their brand seen 98,639 times in 30 days will be presented.  You will leave this session with an SEO plan that can land your business on Page One (with ‘A+’ reviews, too). All it takes is a roadmap – it will be provided during this workshop.

(#27) Let’s Work Together - Getting Stuff Done in an Age Diverse Workforce - Part I

Presenter: Shaun Hall, Hall Talk LLC

Generationally, today’s workforce consists of Baby Boomers (33%), Gen Xers (27%), and Millennials (38%). Understanding the diversity of this workforce (given the unique perspectives that each group brings to the table) is more critical than ever. In this session, the presenter will explore the strengths of each generation and how they can be leveraged to thrive in today’s marketplace. The workshop goal will be to acquire the tools necessary to work together toward achieving a unified outcome. Attendees will leave this presentation with the knowledge and confidence to lead an age-diverse team with excellence.

(#28) Alliant Insurance Program and the IDA Member Savings Program Save Members Significant Money – Learn How!

Presenters: Mark Schiavone, Member Savings Program, Inc. and Andy Stergiou, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

Did you know?

  • More than 400 IDA members have saved in excess of $250,000
  • 200+ members have saved with the IDA Insurance Program
  • IDA members can save with 25 vendor exclusive programs
  • 20 % of all IDA Member companies are participating and saving - are you?
  • The Program now includes personal saving opportunities
  • You can save with existing suppliers, why pay more for what you are already purchasing?

Many IDA members say participating is a "No Brainer." Andy Stergiou and Mark Schiavone will address the many ways they can assist you.

(#29) Industry Consolidation- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. A 2018 Update

Presenter: Chuck Miller, Miller Consulting

An update to the popular seminar held last year in Atlanta. This presentation by industry veteran Chuck Miller will examine the consolidation activities taking place and provide attendees a clearer picture on how these developments may impact the door dealer and industry at large.

3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

(#30) Recruiting, Training and Retaining Top Performers for Door Dealers

Presenters: Dan and Sandy Apple, The Apple Group LLC

Turnover of employees is a big expense for any door dealer.  In this seminar, Dan and Sandy will discuss using online recruiting methods to attract and hire better qualified personnel.  Then they will present ways to create an in house training program for installers, sales people and other key positions. Finally the workshop will include a discussion regarding specific ways to retain top producers in order to maximize your investment in personnel.

(#31) Millennial Leadership Roundtable – Part II

Presenters: Shaun Hall and the IDA Young Professionals Network

Shaun Hall joins industry Millennials for roundtable discussions on Millennials in the workforce.  Discussion topics will include leadership, management, sales, technology and much, much more.  You’ll find this roundtable not only interesting, but very valuable to the success of your business.

(#32) Five Year Economic Forecast for the Garage Door Industry

Presenters: Dr. David Bowen and John Zoller, Zoller Consulting, Inc.

Dr. David Bowen and John Zoller of Zoller Consulting are returning with their popular Five Year Economic Forecast for the Garage Door Industry which was last presented four years ago. This seminar will outline the economic factors that will drive the garage door industry into the next five years along with a discussion of changes that will affect future competition within and outside our industry.  Don’t miss this forecast, presented by two experienced and highly respected consultants and industry veterans.

(#33) R U Confused?  Marketplace Thermal Performance Values for Doors

Presenter: Joe Hetzel, DASMA

Presented by Joe Hetzel, a popular and highly knowledgeable technical expert, this session will cover how thermal performance demands for large doors are changing, going from R-value toward U-factor.  The seminar will provide an overview of the use and purpose of U-factor and R-value relating to what they mean to a building.  Codes and standards will be referenced throughout the seminar to illustrate the changes taking place.