IDA Scholarship Foundation Silent Auction

About the Silent Auction

The IDA Scholarship Foundation will sponsor its second Silent Auction for Education event during the IDAExpo, on Thursday, April 26, 2018, prior to the President’s Awards Banquet. The purpose of the Silent Auction is to raise funds for the IDA Scholarship Foundation. The Scholarship Foundation has awarded $1 million in financial assistance to students whose parents or employers are part of our industry community. The event will run concurrent and in the same location as the pre-banquet reception. Guests will have 90 minutes to view the items up for auction prior to the doors being opened for banquet seating.

The IDA Scholarship Foundation is asking for contributions for the event. There are no limitations as to what type of items can be donated for the silent auction. Here are a few suggested items. Please note, these ideas are only suggestions and are not to be considered as an “approved” list or limiting in any way.

Travel/vacation packages, airline tickets, theater and or concert tickets, signed memorabilia, personal electronics, toolkits, door industry products/services, themed gift baskets, gift certificates, jewelry, and cash donations.

Silent Auction Donation Form

On behalf of the IDA Scholarship Foundation, I would like to thank you and the entire door and access systems industry for its longstanding support of this important and valuable program. Your continued generosity will enable more of our students to better themselves through education, now and into the future.

Thank you kindly,

Chuck Colton,
President IDA Scholarship Foundation

Thank you to our contributors

Silent Auction Policies and Procedures

The purpose of the Silent Auction is to raise funds for educational scholarships for deserving students from within the door and access systems community.  All funds generated through the Silent Auction will go towards scholarships.  To learn more about the IDA Scholarship Foundation, please visit

  1. Donations may be any items of value to attendees of the IDAExpo.
  2. All registered attendees, including dealers, exhibitor personnel and family, may participate in the silent auction, both as contributors and/or as bidders.
  3. The Silent Auction will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 26, 2018 prior to the President’s Awards Banquet.  The event will run concurrent with, and in the same location, as the pre-banquet reception.
  4. Bidding will close upon the opening of the doors to the banquet hall.
  5. Upon closing of bids, staff will mark winners on the bid forms.  Winning bids can be confirmed during the dinner portion of the event.  No silent auction activity will take place during the awards presentations.
  6. At the conclusion of the awards presentations, winning bids may be claimed.  Staff will collect payment and provide receipts upon request.  All winning bids must be paid at the time of the event’s close.
  7. Items won through the bidding process must be taken after payment, unless shipping is pre-arranged through the donor of the item.  If shipping is included as part of the donated item, it will be marked as such on the bid form.
  8. Those donating items that are likely to need to be shipped, may agree to cover the shipping cost for the item in order to increase the value of the item to those who travel to the event via commercial airline.
  9. Donated items must be shipped to the IDA Scholarship Foundation offices by April 2, 2018.  Please be certain to include the description of the item, as written on the Donation Form, the name of the contributor, and the estimated value of the item.
  10. The Contributor on the Donation Form is the individual, company or organization donating the item.  Please be sure to mark this form completely, so that proper acknowledgement can be made during the silent auction.
  11. If a donated item is a service or experience, such as airline trips, outdoor excursions, etc., please provide as much detail as necessary for the item’s description during the Silent Auction.